3 best root apps on Android for root Android.

Root Android Without the help of a computer.

You can easily root your Android device, using these 3 special apps. You do not need a PC to root the Android device.

1. Supersu Pro app for root

The Supersu Pro app is an app for the root access on Android devices. The users can either deny or grant the access of the root permissions. This happened at the time, where the app starts the process of requesting for the root access. So later you can open those apps, without again giving the permission to access. By Download Supersu, you will experience all those features.

Below are the features of the app;

You will get prompts for requesting for the root access, you will have logs and also you will have notifications.

The users can do a temporary unroot process or they can try the complete unroot the Android smartphone or the tab.

This app works fine if your Android device is not correctly booted.

This app wakes during prompts.

The app works as a system app.

You can access the app by just dialing *#*#7873778#*#* or *#*#1234#*#* using the dialer. This can be done even the app is hidden from the app drawer.

There are themes that can be selectable; Dark, default device, light-Dark Actionbar and light.

You can have the selectable icons, regarding the Android app for root.

The Advantages of the app

This is a smooth app for Android root. You do not have extra load upon the CPU of your Android.

You will not have any advertisement regarding the app.

This app can be easily hidden.

The app is small in the size, it allocates just 2.2MB of the space.

You can root the device easily without the help of a PC.

The Disadvantages of the app

The app cannot be locked, using a PIN. But you can lock the app if you have the pro version, to get the pro version, you have to pay.

2. Superuser App for root.

The Superuser is more similar to the supersu app. You will have the ability to lock the app with a PIN, in the pro version. It has some other features, which can be heavier than supersu. This is regarding the use of the CPU. It runs smoothly. The app will be free.


You can have the support for multi user from 4.2 Android OS version upwards.

The app is a kind of total open source app. The app source code will be available at the github.

If you have been asked for the root access of an Android app, you will always have to enter the PIN.

You can configure each and every Android app separately.

You will have root access logging, prompting and also notification features.

The app can be used to root Android devices without the PC.


The app has the ability to manage multiple amount of root access at the same time.

Updates frequently, you will get instant added support for all the newly rooted Android OS versions.

Duration time for request can be set before they tend to run out of time.

No security functionalities will be void from this app.

This is the best root app where you can get to.


Heavy CPU use is discovered from the app.

Superuser X [L] App for root

This app is better for the developers and the people who have more experience. The app is not good for newcomers. The app gives the permission to all the applications on accessing the root, once the specific binary file is installed. The app can be removed after this process. No popup will occur asking for the root access permission. They might be an irritating thing if you use so many rooted apps. So root without the PC is possible.


The root access will still be there, even you have uninstalled the Superuser X [L] app, or even if it gets corrupted, at once you have the files of binary gets finely installed.

The app can be uninstalled after you installed the binary file. So you can save memory.

This app gives the root access. It gives to each and every app. They will not prompt for the permission. So the time, CPU and the memory will be saved.

The app can be used to root without the PC.


Only experienced users and the developers are advised to use the app.

You cannot download root apps and uninstall as you wish, if you do with this app, your device might be corrupted.

Free version of the app comes with ads, if you want to remove those, then you should buy the paid version.

Android devices which run on the ARM processor can use this app.

This app is based on the Command Line interface. You will not have a graphical interface.