Android Data Binding: Custom Setters
George Mount

I need to delete this and set to a stable version.I do not like this at all being set to false. I don’t know how to go through everything in the steps to delete it because it’s all through out my phone and gone computer. It taking over and putting itself in all my phone and data and copying itself like cloning itself to pictures and images and it’s going by color so it’s binding itself to color pixels and can hear through a channel? It be ok if it was bound to true but not copying and pretending to be true, when it’s in reality false. It’s not what I imagined and could not compare to the stable version which I can blame myself just as well, just disappointed with this developing and putting it out there and I have to find out is this way because of technology, they should not have just anyone being able to TRY THIS OUT, IT ACTUALLY EFFECTS LIVES ASSHOLES