‘Knocked Up’?! How I embraced a non-linear life…
Heidi K. Isern

Your story so resembles my own and I’m happy to hear you quickly embraced your unconventional path in the face of a number of more conventional challenges. Everything you mentioned happened to me 18.5 years ago. I was set to move to Barcelona with the same global ad agency I loved so much — and which allowed me to follow my entrepreneurial and creative instincts — happily quasi-single for 3 years and just about to head into my dream life when I found myself preggers with the progeny of “on & off again” baby daddy. 😳 No one in my life encouraged me to have a baby. Even my much-admired and trusted female boss suggested ‘otherwise’ as the ONLY choice. Honestly, I never wanted children. I never wanted to marry. I expected my life to unfold along the lines of an alt-bohemian path. And it did. With a baby girl in tow. 😎 So bravo, Heidi to you, yours and the Holiday Hotel life you own! 💕

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