The curse of the greyface and the celebration of chaos
Jonas Ellison

Hello Jonas,

thank you for sharing. I notice some unease when reading your words although I also agree with much of it, the words We must embrace disorder. We must fall back in love with playfulness just as we did when we were kids. We must ‘master nonsense’ as the Principia says.’ is, for me adding to the seriousness and prompting the, also quite common and conditioned, behaviour to achieve something. In a way, to say ‘we must’ is already disempowering the playfulness. Wouldn’t you agree? I leads me back to seriousness, if I must and I don’t manage, don’t success, then what? I assume the issue is a bit more complex, when looking at someone with a grey face, there may be more to it than what meets our eye. Just to name a few, loneliness, the lack of human touch, a collective sense of suffering. I would dare to add, the lack of Presence, with oneself and being in the Presence with one another. That can bring up much, things, feelings, fears, believes, otherwise unseen. And that, I believe, can change the greyness into a lightening up, even just for a moment. But it is a start. It is an invitation which, in my opinion, is more incentive to become playful than a ‘must’.

with Love and in gratitude for what you write, I do enjoy your daily writings!


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