When I got 0 reads, 0 views but 1 recommend…
KP Jena

This is very incisive. I joined Medium simply because I’ve written many short stories, submitted them to many online and paper magazines and got fistfuls of rejections. The worst is when you don’t even get a reply .Of course, the question is, did I write them for the possibility of recognition (which didn’t come) or for the satisfaction of writing? Perhaps a mixture of both. Mainly because I felt I had to write them. However, the hurt I felt about the rejections shows that the ego is heavily involved.

Scribophile has been a great discipline to help me improve my writing. Another member told me about Medium. I thought, here at last is a way to share the stories. I don’t want to die and think they are all still stuck on the computer.

I try to remember that even if a short story or blog article only touches one or two people, that is more important than lots of likes for the wrong reasons. Even if I am a little bird singing alone in the middle of the forest where no-one hears me, it’s still important to sing.