Top 10 Moments Where Inspiration Hits

Ideas for stories, characters, and plot points never pop up on command. You can plan to sit down and write narrative or edit your work. But you can’t schedule time for inspiration. In my experience, what you can do is identify the times and places you most frequently have new ideas and be ready to capture what comes.
 So here’s my list of activities during which I regularly need to have a notepad at my fingertips. These are the little moments where my mind is quiet and calm enough for new images to percolate to the surface. Of course, always keeping a notepad handy (or however you best record ideas) is a good plan regardless.
 Have you ever had a great idea come to you when your mind was at ease, but couldn’t stop to take notes? (See numbers 8 and 9 above.) Or worse yet, had nothing on hand with which to scrawl?

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.