Pakistani Designer Clothes by Bareeze

A brand synonymous with class, grace and elegance is a difficult task to find. If you have been a fan of designer Pakistani dresses, then you are sure to count in the one label that can be relied upon for producing some of the classiest and most stylish designs and outfits around. It is none other than Bareeze. Bareeze is the pioneer of designer clothing in Pakistani fashion and Pakistani dressing. It was one of the first brands to take the fashion scene in Pakistan by storm. If you are looking for designer wear, then no one can ever go wrong with a Bareeze outfit. Simply donning one of their pieces can make you stand out in the crowd as a well to do person possessing an extraordinarily good fashion sense. Decades ago, when the fashion industry was not as active as it is now, all the fashionista’s relied upon Bareeze as their go to place for an impeccable designer outfit. Heralded by one and all, for their trademark embroidered fabric, Bareeze offers a multitude of fabric to which you can treat yourself. Ranging from Swiss lawn to the cotton Bareeze has it all. A super hit of theirs, is their beautiful designer chiffon dresses. Offering the most delicate, silken chiffon, with a web of intricate embroidery worked on it, there is nothing classier and graceful than a shalwar kameez from Bareeze. Of late, Bareeze capitalizing on its success in cambric and unstitched fabric has in answer to the astounded response they receive, branched out. Now bareeze not only offers the fabulous material they are famous for, but they also offer formal, ready to wear clothing and ready to wear western and eastern wear. Their category of ready to wear, Eastern formals, are famous under the name of Chinyere. Chinyere offers the latest cuts and trends in Pakistani fashion. Offering the ease of ready to wear, each piece is worked upon with delicate and trendy trimmings, to make sure you can flaunt your outfit with ease and comfort. A favorite among women for designer semi formal wear and formal plus bridal wear, Chinyere offers you the best quality clothing along with value for your money. If it’s beautiful kameeze’s or kurti’s you’re looking for, or a complete three piece formal, Bareeze extends its classy overtures of design into Chinyere as well to fulfill all you’re looking for, and more.

Bareeze’s exceptional success in the fashion industry is due to the first class quality of clothes they offer, along with amazing prices, so that one can get their desired designer wear without spending needlessly. Bareeze’s line, Leisure Club, also offers the best ready to wear Western wear and kurti’s for both adults and children. The perfect casual wear outfit is easily had from this amazing range. Not only this, Bareeze also offers a separate line for children, which is the infamous Minnie Minors. The purveyors of fashion, Bareeze doesn’t believe in letting anyone feel left out. That is why they have something to offer for every single person! The best of Pakistani fashion, Bareeze offers ready to wear clothing, fabric and much more! Whether its designer formals, semi formal wear, designer casuals, ready to wear, kurti’s or western wear, Bareeze is the perfect choice to make. If you’re wondering how you can access these amazing pieces, and if you live thousands of miles away, then is the perfect solution. We bring to you the best of designer clothing, all available under the same umbrella. has collaborated with all your favorite designers, to bring to you the best of Pakistani fashion. Simply log on to our website, register an account and browse. Make a pick from our vast array of brands and clothes and order away. Once you’ve done this, simple order away. You can even track your order till it arrives at your doorstep. No more long waits and lost parcels. Get the best Pakistani dresses, all right here at!

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