LinkedIn Social Proof for More Sales

You might be wondering, “Christine, what is LinkedIn social proof and how does it help me get more sales?

Simply put, LinkedIn social proof, in the form of endorsements and recommendations on your profile, is not a “nice to have” for more sales.

It’s a “must have.”


Because LinkedIn social proof verifies what you say and makes it easier for your Ideal Client to take the next step with you.

The recommendations and endorsements you get from those who are connected with you and have worked with you add value and strengthen your brand.

In short, they are LinkedIn social proof that you are legitimate and credible…you are who you say you are and you deliver.

As a LinkedIn social proof example, when a prospect looking to buy views your LinkedIn profile and sees that lots of clients have something nice to say about you, that creates trust.

“It is not uncommon for someone to tell me after viewing my LinkedIn profile and reading the recommendations, that this is a deciding factor on whether or not to contact me and/or use my services.”

— LinkedIn user quoted in Forbes magazine, May 14, 2014

LinkedIn Social Proof

As I mentioned above, LinkedIn social proof that shows up on your profile takes the form of endorsements and recommendations from your network of LinkedIn contacts.

Here’s a quick overview on what they are…and how to get more of them for more sales!

LinkedIn Endorsements

Endorsements give a quick overview of what you do for your Ideal Clients.

My private coaching clients often ask me how they can increase their endorsements for specific skills.

Here’s the easy answer.

As you complete your profile with your keywords and are active on LinkedIn using those keywords, LinkedIn will start serving up those skills more frequently to your connections and your endorsement numbers will increase.

LinkedIn Recommendations

You should be systematically be asking your Ideal Clients (the ones you want hundreds more of) for recommendations on LinkedIn.

Here’s a secret to make it easier.

When an Ideal Client gives you positive feedback on their experience working with you, ask them if you can send them a LinkedIn Recommendation request.

BONUS TIP: Make it REALLY easy by using a template like the one I’ve included inLinkedIn Marketing Power.

You want the recommendation to be in THEIR words so it resonates with others like them (also your Ideal Clients). This way they will feel you really understand them, be attracted to you and feel more comfortable taking the next step with you.

LinkedIn Social Proof in a Nutshell

When you say you can do something, a prospect might take that with a grain of salt.

But when 10 other people step forward and say, “Yes, this is what he did for us and the results we got.” that adds value and credence to your message and gives your Ideal Clients a reason to take the next step with you.

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