Chapter Fourteen

Kundalini energy led me to write this book. It is a process of transmutation of all that life pitches at us, which is why I started at the heart. This was part of what needed to be healed first. Six is the number of the snake, the Kundalini, the life force. It is an acceptance of past actions, the eternal flame, and compassion that opens us up to God to heal us. WE are universal beings.

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I believe a lot of the mental illness in the world has to do with blocked Kundalini and the inability to handle the transformations happening between Kundalini movements. Every human on this planet is creative. Some are able to harness their creativity more than others. Others tend to fight it not knowing what it is and the energy it can put out. Some can become a danger to themselves and others through this denial.

I believe we need to teach more people how to self-soothe rather than medicate. I have always thought that if I told anyone I could work with energy, I would be deemed crazy, even though crazy was my middle name. But I could, I could stop a gate from opening; I could make the frogs stop singing only to begin their orchestra of their croaking again. People have witnessed this. I could will a person to fall out of his chair and hit his head whenever I was angry. I haven’t done any of this in a long time for the sake of being called out on it, just for the sake of questioning my ability. It doesn’t work that way. Actually, I don’t really know how it works, it just works. It works when I most want it to, and it is not to be used for showing off. But hey, who am I but a little weird. I always have been. In alchemy, the goal is to transmute base metal into gold. I used to make jewelry. I wrapped crystal jewelry. At one point I needed to sell a piece badly to buy food, so I concentrated wholly on this piece and made it glow gold. It brought in enough money to put food on the table for a week.

I now practice other magical gifts: the gift of creating bigger things in life, and it’s about time. After all of the rising of my inner serpent, it is finally coming into perspective. Transformation is a bitch! At least it has been for me. I sometimes thought I would end up in a loony bin. For the sake of God and my children, I would not allow it. I AM sane, creative maybe, but always sane. I will not forsake my gifts any longer. I choose to share them now in hopes of assisting in the awakening of the tribe: the rainbow tribe here on the green earth. The Emerald City in the circle of life. The tribe is waiting and awakening one by one, tribe by tribe for the sake of Ascension. Ascension to the next level or dimension is the ascension to our home, a new home in the infinity of homes. Hopefully, I will leave a legacy pointing to this home, because you always go back home once you know the way. This is the way of the travelers following maps, using their tools, gifts, and adventures.

It’s time for fellow travelers to awaken and tell the tales of their own travels. It is time again to decipher truths. It is time to read between the lines, it is all there, already mapped for us. Get out of your bubbles and look around. There are gifts all around like hunting eggs on Ostera. I have enough stories to keep me going until I am very old. I am and will create from now on. I will myself to tell stories and to advocate for others to tell their stories. Create safe spaces for those of the same mind seeking their own truths for the right hand of God, and the creative left minds are mightier than the sword. Only cowards choose war, like little children throwing fits. We are the creative forces to shine through the illusion. This is the universal law of cause and effect. To put it another way, you can bullshit the tourists, but you can’t bullshit the natives. Put actions behind your words, the definition of what it is to create.

I am still learning how God so created the earth and let there be light. I will begin those conversations and converse more, so stay tuned. It is all a mystery.

Dear God,

What’s next? I will be listening. I AM creating.

Christine’s newest book to be published late 2018 ~ The Divine Kiss

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Metaphysical Minister and Practitioner, Writer and Artist. Ascension, awake, rinse and repeat.

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