Currently, I am working on being debt free, selling things that are of no use, lowering credit card debt, paying off a vehicle. My score was great until a loss occurred in life, (again). I am now creating a life of sustainability and lower upkeep. I have a good relationship with money I believe, but shit happens and having that credit was a blessing. I now have to practice what I preach to my kids, “what if we were not here suddenly, what would you do?” With three grown children, I can say they get that now… The last in college is now paying here own way with one year left in Glasgow, she is figuring it out, mom and dad can’t help. The older two are finding great jobs and growing up, adulting.
Now back to practice what I preach…. what if my husband was suddenly gone… I need to sustain myself on one income… It is a hard lesson and a repeated one it seems, I think he gets it now…. WE can practice it now in good standing.

We are living on inspiration, to move into retirements with what we love to do as inspiration for income beyond what we are earning throught the system.

Inspiration is to work every day.
It is the application of the pants to the seat of the chair for creative weirdos to come up with new ideas.
The inspiration is wanting. No person was ever great without some portion of divine inspiration. There seems nowadays to be two sources of inspiration, a fulness of mind and emptiness of pocket.
This gift which we have is not an art, but an inspiration, there is a divinity moving us, like that in the stone which Euripides calls a magnet, although more commonly known as a rock, or Stone of Heraclea. Our ultimate inspiration comes from Source. The original thought carries so much inspiration that it holds a long chain of rings to itself. Sometimes we may see a number of pieces suspended from one another as a chain. All of them are forming a longer chain and all of them derive their power of suspension from the original stone. Inspiration is similar to a Muse who first gives us inspiration, and from these inspired persons, a chain of other persons is suspended, who take the inspiration from them. Inspirations are hot-headed and hot-footed, so take them or leave them, but be quick about it.

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Metaphysical Minister and Practitioner, Writer and Artist. Ascension, awake, rinse and repeat.

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