Chapter Thirteen

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Your heart wants what it wants. Your Heart’s Desire is the inner you. It shows your underlying urges, your true motivation. It reveals the general intentions behind many of your actions. It dramatically influences the choices you make in life. The Heart’s Desire is a big part of the larger picture. Ask yourself what emotional memories still need to be healed? What relationship needs to be healed? What fears are holding you back? Who or what needs to be forgiven to release the pain we hold onto? The day you were born is very closely connected to learning about your life’s path and the healing lessons that you have asked to walk with. It reveals specific talents you possess, which are helpful to you in dealing with your Life Path. The Heart’s Desire manifests into the identity of the soul that joined you here on earth — you, the spiritual being.
Deep inside you long to create something that will have a lasting impact on the world. Whether it is a political movement, business, craft, or philosophy, you have a strong inner drive to manifest something of major importance. The heart’s desire is all that possesses the intelligence, sensitivity, and electric creativity that such a power would suggest. This combination can make you supremely capable of making your ambitions a reality. The demands of this Heart’s Desire are as enormous as its potential. What will be required from you to fulfill your noble ambitions is nothing less than a commitment to your entire being. The path you have chosen is not an easy one. We all need time to develop, and you are likely to begin to fulfill your ambitions once your heart’s desire has been met.
Whether you know it or not, you possess great power. You were born with this inherent power, and on some level, you are always aware of it. If you picked up this book, some part of you is aware. Early in my life, this power manifested itself in me as awkwardness and internal discomfort. My self-image has always been one of the contradictory extremes: on the one hand, I sensed my uniqueness and potential; on the other, I felt insecure and perhaps even inferior. This paradox has caused me waves of self-doubt and lack of confidence. But it has also created a powerful generator of energy in me that when combined with God, can become a dynamic and unrelenting force. In order to channel such great power, we need a noble goal to aim for. You will probably try your hand at several different kinds of work before you rise to the challenge of your true ambitions. But promise yourself you will try.
We can become great leaders and teachers inspiring and motivating others with our vision with an open heart and open mind. Our ideas are so creative and paramount that they inspire enthusiasm. Once we come into possession of our full power of creativity, without becoming arrogant, we can become the best at what we do and what path we take to create our Heart’s desires. Your challenge, once you have begun to use our true gifts, is to remain humble in the face of your accomplishments. We perform best when our domestic foundations are stable and supportive, and we are able to share our dreams with those we trust and love. Let loving challenges draw out the best in you. Our human qualities — creativity, humility, understanding, and compassion can and will increase our level of our performance. Therefore, commitment to excellence is central to our success and inner development in creating our heart’s desires.
Your Heart Center, your heart chakra, the chakra of balance is a good place to begin. It is located between the earth and the spiritual chakras. It is the home of unconditional love, and when it becomes unbalanced, we are unable to forgive and release resentments, grief, anger, hope, and trust. Its color is a luscious green embodying the love of mother earth with an airy and light energy movement. If you meditate, the mantra for chanting is the YAM seed sound, (you are my sunshine). The words from your lips sealed with a kiss are I LOVE or I AM LOVE. If done correctly, you can sense it opening up our ability to give and receive.

Love is divine power. Namaste!

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Metaphysical Minister and Practitioner, Writer and Artist. Ascension, awake, rinse and repeat.

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