The Hermetic Tablet, Summer Solstice 2016

Edited by Nick Farrell.


Jake Stratton-Kent — Ariton

Chris Newton — Teachings of an Unknown Golden Dawn Order

Tony Fuller — Before the Portal

Aaron Lietch — Grimoire Hopping

Jayne Gibson — Abrades and Baphomet

Joāo Pedro Feliciano — Agates Daimon in Greco-Egyptian Religion

Nick Farrell — Introduction to Homeric Magic

Tony Fuller — The Missing Flying Roll

Annie Horniman — A Short Earth Ritual

Ina Cüsters-Van Bergen — A powerful God does not need a Goddess does he?

Morgan Drake Eckstein — Rooted in the Physical

Spencer M Graves — Coptic Names in the Golden Dawn

Book Reviews…

Tony Fuller — Israel Regard’s Golden Dawn

Nick Farrell — Harry and Nicola Wendrich’s Sephirothic Odyssey

One of the reason’s I love the Hermetic Tablet, apart from the gem’s always to be found in it, is the fact that I can pick an essay and fill a spare 30 to 40 minutes on a subject. One of the problems of my unusual life is the constant interruptions which can hinder getting into a heavy magic book.

The “Teachings of an Unknown Golden Dawn Order” I found very interesting. A year long correspondence course which has an interesting take on initiation into the Golden Dawn. I’ve been studying the MOAA’s correspondence course now for a year so this was of significant interest to me.

Tony Fuller has 7 essay’s from 1894, believed unpublished before. These are from members of the Isis Urania Temple of the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn. The 7 articles represented address’s to prospective members of the Adepts Minor grade. Having suffered some very strange consequences of my own magical work I read these with interest. The warnings are clear, if you think you’re not read then you’re not ready. However is also renewed my vigour in continuing my practice, perfect timing as I was contemplating giving up.

Jayne Gibson has an excellent article on Abraxas and Baphomet that deals with composite nature of these Godforms. Are these Godforms representative of the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic forces or the origin of the spiritual seed and the theurgic way of return to this origin? Jayne list’s over two pages of sources so there is plenty of sources for further study.

Nick Farrell’s article is on gives an introduction to Homeric Magic and a complete system of planetary days and hours attributed to Pagan Gods rather than the classic planets. The article is not just about Pagan attribute’s for the days and hours but about using Greek as a magical language. Combined with gematria you can uncover the deeper meanings to Homer. There is a lot of detail and information packed into this short article. Definitely one I’ll need to reread several times to fully understand.

Morgan Drake Eckstein’s article on the physical vs the astral in relation to mental health issues. Having suffered from depression in the past I know how hard it can be to talk of such issues and the usual cranks who will just tell you to ‘pull yourself together’. In this day and age it can still be a taboo subject. I agree with Morgan that the Malkuth of Assiah is not the end but merely the start once everything has coalesced into the physical. To quote the great Dion Fortune, “Every magical operation must come through to Malkuth before it can be reckoned to have attained completion, for only in Malkuth is the force finally locked into form”

I was going to review a couple of more articles in the book but I started watching Stranger Things last night… Needless to say I was hooked and crawled into bed very late.

That is just five out of the twelve articles contained in this edition, not counting the book reviews). Excellent work from the team involved and I’m looking forward to the next edition.