About The Difficulty With Customer Success Stories

If you read the title and decided to continue to read, we are most likely in the same boat.

As a marketing manager (in the technology B2B field) I am always on the hunt for good customer success stories. Why? Because in the end THEY are the only content that really matters: How could your company make a difference for another company?

And here, the real story begins.

In over 10 years of being a B2B marketer I have been facing the same problem over and over again: The difficulty of getting Customer Success Stories approved and published. It goes like this: The project management team is happy and more than willing to spread the word and share their (positive) experience with other peers, but the management or legal department won’t approve the public mentioning of the brand or use of the company’s logo.

But that’s only one side of the struggle.

At the same time, the marketing team of that company, is also trying to achieve their Customer References KPI’s and spread the word about successful projects … and now … wait for it…. faces the same challenges.

Isn’t it time to rethink the policies, when it comes to sharing customer’s success? I would love to read about your experience with the topic or how you manage it … Is the struggle real?