Christine Kincaid
Apr 30, 2017 · 2 min read

Another parody of science that confounds by variables to confound beyond relevancy & excludes & eliminates it’s more profoundly impacted subjects.

It’s so over- controlled & confounded it can’t seriously be considered as an epidemiological study & it’s beyond me how this has been “missed” by the peer-review process.

We don’t need another one. We shouldn’t be looking at ingredients, time frames, contraindications or even basic epidemiology until we have one parameter established:

Autism Incidence in Vaccinated vs. Autism Incidence in Non-Vaccinated.

It’s not like the data does not exist; it does.

We just don’t get to see it.

The DHHS & it’s subsidiaries have been using electronic surveillance/tracking systems for at least 20 years regarding immunization records, ICD claims & Student IEP/SPED status.

It would be incredibly naïve to think there has been no cross-referencing done.

They are stalling. On purpose. We should not give them the opportunity to answer anymore. There have been opportunities, such as congressional hearings, for them to present the data in a manner in which it could be responsibly addressed & they have neglected to do so.

They are waiting for this generation of parents to become old & feeble, while the next generation becomes indoctrinated by propaganda & media blackouts.

It worked for them with SV40 & they are counting on it to work for them with Autism too.

If there was absolutely no link between vaccines & Autism, we would know it by now; those reports would have been published. They would not spend decades & millions of dollars on “research” & reviews, committees & programs & councils & all the other expensive “actions” that are really just designed to serve as distractions.

An independent Audit team that arrives unannounced & with military escort, having been granted immunity from HIPPA constraints is about the only way we will see the real data.

Until that happens, asking the CDC or NIH for a relevant study is like asking John Gotti to conduct his own tax audit.

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