Can you handle a strong woman?

So you want to date a strong woman ? Can you handle her? Listen up men here is a secret no one tells you about a strong woman .A real strong woman knows her worth don’t compare her to the confused lady you meet in a bar at 2 AM who cant even distinguish her left leg from her right. A strong woman is the kind of lady who will hold you down and no matter what she will have your back .She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go for it .She does not like to have her time wasted so step aside if you do not mean business.She keeps you around because she loves you but not because she needs you to be her ATM card. She is ambitious and courageous, the world is her oyster.She embraces her flaws .She is an enigma. She nurtures and transforms. She is not afraid to admit her mistakes and learn from them. A strong woman is true to her convictions and nothing or no one will make her throw them away .She is in her own way independent and if you put her through enough pain she will still walk away with her shoulders high and with dignity because she understands that you are not good enough for her.She knows when to stay and when to walk away .She is the kind of lady who knows the right thing to say when you think your whole world is crushing down on you .She knows when to motivate you or let you be for awhile so you can figure things out on your own .She knows what you need even before you ask her . She knows how to handle herself gracefully even in pain .She smiles for the world even though she is hurting .A strong woman knows how to hustle for her family and how to love truthfully and unconditionally.

They may appear bossy but forgive them it is not intentional they just like doing their best .They may appear to be emasculating you but they just want you to be a better man .There is a lot to a strong woman ,i cant cover every aspect of her today . As a man you should ask yourself if you are ready to let your woman run the show sometimes because that is what a strong woman does .If you cant then kindly move aside so she can see the man behind you who can .The strength of a woman is a beautiful thing but it is also a bit intimidating to some men .Ask yourself again if you can truly handle one? To the strong

women here is a toast

Originally published at on February 21, 2017.