Yes I am petite…so what !!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have been trying to gain weight for the longest time. For a long time, I never felt happy in my own skin.I was stressed to a point of low self-esteem.It took a while to finally let go of what I pictured is the perfect body and work with what I have. Before I would get so pissed to be called 1gb or when my family made jokes about my weight. I felt insecure about almost everything in my body.It got to a point I thought maybe I should try out pills or the oils to actually enlarge my hips and butts.Thankfully I got an epiphany before I went ahead with those plans. My point is this world has crazy body standards for ladies.You can’t be too plump.You have to have an ass but not too big, your hips have to be just perfectly round and you can’t have hair on your legs.You have to be skinny but not too much.The world expects so much from a body we have no control over.I was born this way cute and petite. I can’t reorder my body type from God. The funny thing is most ladies are very quick to tease me but here is the news flash you ain’t perfect either. The next time you open your mouth to tease or ask a petite girl silly questions like ‘’where does the food you eat go ?’’ kindly stop look at your sagging tummy and your stretch marks and realize we are not perfect.The fact that you have a bigger ass or shapely hips doesn’t make you more woman than petite ladies. Not everyone is meant to be Kim Kardashian and I am not skinny because I want to find a mzungu sponsor. I am so fed up with hearing the phrase ‘’real men go for curves only dogs go for bones’’

Therefore stop putting other ladies down just because of their body shapes. Even if you are perfect, keep your harsh unwanted opinions to yourself. For all the petite ladies out there, who are struggling with this Darlings, I know the struggle is real but once you love yourself as you are it is easy and fun.

I am so tired of being skinny shamed .

Originally published at on February 21, 2017.