Always Remember Me

I went back on his social media after fighting that urge not to. I wanted to see if he posted anything new, to see if he’s doing alright, and, more importantly, to see if he moved on. I know that if he moved on, it will make me feel better knowing that he’s got someone so he won’t be lonely anymore, but, to be honest, it’ll crush me to see him with someone new — someone better, but if he doesn’t want me because of my family’s religion, so be it. I don’t know if I will ever not be bitter about this anymore. Anyways, I scrolled through his pictures and someone commented on his most recent picture. She said that she saw him on a dating app — the same one I saw him on. She asked politely if she could follow him on Instagram. I see that he’s moved on and opened himself up to opportunities. I’m sad about this. I wanted to talk to him after weeks of not talking. I wanted to tell him about a new restaurant that opened nearby. I know he would like it because the theme of it is inspired by his favorite director’s (Wes Anderson) movies. I think he wound like the whimsical details, alcoholic milkshakes, and burgers. I told myself it wasn’t a good idea to contact him the day I found out it opened. I guess he’ll find out on his own. But I think it’s good he’s dating again, or at least he’s putting himself out there as far as I know.

I don’t know if I could do that yet. My heart just isn’t ready. For now, I’m going to reflect on my memories with you as I watch this music video. I’m going to cherish and dwell on these memories, because I know for a fact that things will not be the same the next time I see you. I miss you. I hope you’re doing well. Just — don’t forget about me because I’ll never forget you.