Which also means they can be tracked anywhere, making this a huge privacy concern.
Thomas Schmidt

Thank you for your response. Seems to me that you are more worried about your privacy then the well being and safety of many people missing and in danger out there, that could be you one day. Unless you are doing the wrong thing by the law you personally should not be concerned about your privacy. These lives lost are not meaningless and there has to be a way to track these missing people down to bring them to safety. Either way I interpret this, you are going to come back with an answer to argue this supposed privacy concern and supposed health concern you have. What would you recommend??? Something could be created that is not a health concern. We have people to protect. We have families to protect. My heart is in this and I feel deeply for families and people out there that go through this. May I ask you please, do you know how this feels???? Whats your great idea…..