Where is this taking me?????

Don’t know where I am going

Don’t know what’s coming next

Useful yet wasted

Someone give me a destination

Someone give me a path

I don’t want to wasted

I want a promised future

I want more than I have

I put myself out there

I need a position

A salary

A future not promised

A day to be proud of

Silence I hear

Give me hope

Give me a position

A vision

A venture

A start

Young and wise

Lessons too many

Learned a lot

Grew up overnight

Now searching for my tomorrow

A great job

Someone to give me a shot

Your the arrow

I am the bow

A medium

A psychic





Ideas a plenty

A family gal

Writing I enjoy

Writing is my toy

Self taught



Lived hard

Learned too much

Now time to be involved

In something bigger than I

I have a good eye

Helped many

Gave myself

Continuing to show

I care…………