Donald Trump and Secret Societies: Did The Republican Nominee Fund the North American Man/Boy Love…
D.O. Deadswitch

I HATE and I mean HATE Donald Trump but these allegations are so absurdly unsubstantiated they are obviously coming from Donalds camp so after he releases the returns people will assume any other criticisms of Trump are false as well. I mean the allegation of Trump on sex island w/ Epstein raping a 13 year old girl was a valid headline. So once NAMBLA is proven false then any other allegations of things like underaged rape will also be swept under the carpet.

I HATE these dumb whisper campaigns. I HATE Hillary too but I know she and her team are not dumb enough to be behind this.

NTM if you look at all the people propagating this claim on Twitter and other places all their other posts are very pro-Donald. Doesnt makes sense that they are worried about the claims being true and still feverishly supporting him.

And fishwraps like the Inquisitr which is nothing more than a money-luandering scheme between the US and Iran is VERY pro Trump us pushing this absurdity. It speaks volumes to the idiocy of the public.

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