Taylor Swift embraces individuality on new single, “ME!”

Christine Sellers
Apr 28 · 2 min read
Taylor Swift released “ME!,” the first single from her seventh studio album Friday. // Photo Credit: Taylor Swift via Instagram

After sending the Internet into a frenzy with her 4.26 countdown and cryptic Instagram teasers, Taylor Swift released “ME!,” the first single from her upcoming seventh album Friday.

Swift remains true to her brand on “ME!.” Not only is it a fun, danceable pop track, “ME!” is also reminiscent of 1989 predecessor, “Shake It Off” in that Swift rejects societal put-downs and embraces her individuality. Simultaneously, “ME!” is different than any other song from Swift’s catalogue.

The single is a collaboration with Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie (a surprising move, as Swift has never released a collaboration as a first single before). Similarly, Swift isn’t just stating what makes her unique as a proclamation of self-love, but also to empower herself within her relationship.

“I know that I went psycho on the phone/I never leave well enough alone,” sings Swift. “Baby, that’s the fun of me,” she later adds. She’s both honest and scarily self-aware, recognizing that her lover is “the kind of guy the ladies want” and he can have whatever woman he chooses (“There’s a lot of cool chicks out there”), yet he chooses her.

“And I promise that nobody’s gonna love you like me,” Swift follows up. No one can fulfill her role. No one has to. The same goes for her lover (“You’re the only one of you/Baby, that’s the fun of you”). Their relationship is theirs and they stand by each other despite their imperfections.

Catchy and confessional, “ME!” is able to transcend its personal nature and become relatable to listeners of all backgrounds just as any good Taylor Swift song does.

While Swift has not officially announced a title or release date for her latest LP, she has already received critical acclaim with “ME!,” breaking records on iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon Music.

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