I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

As a transwoman myself, I do not like that she lumps us all into this… , well…, hateful group that wants to infringe on the way she feels… but I do empathize with her and what she has gone through…. I too am a rape survivor… even though I don’t think of myself as one… I think of myself as more of a rape fighter… (had to fight the person away from me) but I digress… All I ask is that don’t lump all transwomen as the ones who have attacked you or made you feel bad… many of us respect you and respect your wishes of seperating yourself from us and transwomen from women in general. Although, I may not agree with it… because a vagina, uterus, periods or so forth do not make a woman, its who she is her mind that makes her a woman, I will fight for your right to voice your opinion. Take care and much love to you girl ❤

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