Face Pilates keeps you looking young and healthy. Here’s how.

What is face pilates or orofacial myology?

Face Pilates is an accredited therapy system focused on the face that has impressive, scientifically proven results. The medical name is orofacial myology which means muscle therapy for the face and mouth. Face Pilates rolls off the tongue and the memory better we feel! Other commonly used terms include “face yoga”.

Face Pilates addresses a range of conditions that can dramatically improve yours or your family member’s quality of life. Conditions include:

  • Facial muscle tone and cosmetic ageing
  • Snoring
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Thumb and digit sucking plus nail biting
  • Swallowing technique and tongue thrust
  • Resting tongue posture that impacts on sleep quality
  • More…

How does Face Pilates Work?

Your therapist initially completes a detailed screening of your face and mouth combined with a medical and functional lifestyle history. From there they will assess if you have any:

  • Airway issues;
  • Obstructive frenal attachments — little muscles that attach your lips and tongue to the jaw bones that can stop your lips or tongue from moving properly; or
  • Unhealthy habits such as thumbsucking, nail biting, lip or pen chewing and more

If either airway issues or frenal attachment dysfunction is detected, you will be referred to an appropriate medical practitioner for further investigation and treatment. Once this is seen to, your orofacial myologist can work together with the medical specialist, or after, using a series of facial muscle exercises over 8–12 weeks to help address the specific issue.

What are face muscle exercises?

These are a range of fun, easy-to-learn muscle exercises that our therapist will teach you to practice over a number of visits. These exercises retrain and strengthen the face and mouth muscles to work in the correct way. When the muscles are working the right way, quality breathing through the nose is enhanced and proper swallowing is achieved. This allows the body to be less stressed and detrimental habits can be broken.

What can be achieved with Face Pilates?

  • Breathing and swallowing can be improved
  • Annoying oral and face habits can be broken
  • Facial appearance can be improved
  • Quality of life can be enhanced

Who provides face pilates therapy?

Orofacial Myology is usually provided by dentists, oral health therapists, speech therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors who have undertaken additional training to know how to screen, assess, refer and treat conditions that would benefit from face pilates therapies.

Check with your oral health professional, speech therapist or osteopath as to whether they can provide face pilates for you and book an orofacial myology assessment today. It might change your life!

Check out www.australianacademyoforofacialmyology.com.au for more details.

Dr Christine May is a dentist with additional qualifications and training in Oriental Medicine, Orofacial Myology, Dental Sleep Medicine, facial rejuvenation techniques and nutrition. She writes health content for oral health practice marketing and patient education. Check out DrChristineMay.com and FaceWell.com.au