Happiness Hack: This One Ritual Made Me Much Happier
Nir Eyal

Great article, and mirrors my own reaction to moving to NYC for the first time. After four years in college, than four years as an expat in India — I’ve been spoiled with readymade sets of friends (expat circles, and tightknit cohort of colleagues). But moving to NYC has suddenly launched me into the exhausting game of “well, I can’t for the next three weekends, but maybe sometime in March?” I recently invited 10 girlfriends — a mix of acquaintances and old college friends to the opening of my roommates lingerie shop. Just one showed up. I wasn’t surprised.

Nir Eyal, I enjoyed the analysis of the need for friendship — I subscribe to that philosophy, but I thought the article might be about how to forge friendships in a city where the most common response is “I can’t, but maybe in a month?” and where you feel you’re the only one putting out any effort to gather friends together. I know I thrive on forging deep relationships — but how do I find and maintain friendships in a place like New York? It’s a daunting task.