The Heartbreak of Letting the Gene-e out of the Bag

In his 2006 novel, Next, Dr. Michael Crichton warned of the dangers of genetic engineering, while leading the reader through his typical superbly crafted page-turner.

DNA testing has only become more popular in recent years, and helps in some situations, though a recent result with a friend of mine has been devastating.

My friend, Darren, married young and had three children, two sons and a daughter. A nasty divorced followed some years later. After that he remarried a lovely woman, Amara, who also had a child by her first husband. The two of them then had a child together. They sacrificed a lot to support this large, blended family, though they never flinched on their obligations, especially Darren’s first three, who were growing fast and costing as every parent knows, a lot of money.

His daughter married and had two children of her own and Darren has been as supportive as a grandfather as he has been a father.

For fun, Darren and Amara bought all the kids an Ancestry DNA testing kit. That site introduction says: “Give the gifts that have connected 20 million members to a deeper family story.”

In the case of Darren’s daughter, while recently checking to see exactly how much Italian heritage she has, she found out that Darren is not her father, and it designated who the father was. Darren’s wife had been cheating on him, while give birth to three kids, at least one of whom is not his.

Darren is both shocked and ravaged.

But Darren is strong and as a couple he and Amara are representative of the best of the husband and wife relationship, and they will continue to be the heroes that they are together.

However, his ex-wife might face some reckoning in the next dimension for causing so much deceit in this one.

Film producer, freelance writer, Partner at

Film producer, freelance writer, Partner at