Hey, Christine, what’s up?!
Allan Ishac

Hi, Allan Ishac, the Swiss guards have released me now, so I can reply to your friendly comments.

It’s not that bad most of the time, over here on the banks of Lake Geneva, and I’ve been here a long time most of it working for the International Labour Office, and decided to stay here on retirement. It’s easy to get to the places I want to go from here.

However. Recent events here and there in the world, notably the election of DTrump as US president and especially the Brexit decision by my co-citizens to leave the European Union, have left me feeling exiled from the world I used to inhabit. To some that sounds like grumpy complaints from a footloose and privileged so-called expert internationalist, but from the inside (even if exiled in Switzerland), it’s heart-breaking and a rejection of all that I worked and fought for. Ah, me.

PS It’s not only international financiers and private banks in Geneva — there are quite a few ordinary folks (butchers, bakers, candlestick-makers) living here, many of them are even quite poor and pushed to pay the rent…

Keep writing your lovely jokey prose and I’ll keep reading it!

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