Position Paper on Palestinian Refugees in Gaza as The Netherlands

We, the delegate, believe that demand for services has increased due to the expanding population of Palestinian refugees, making more conflict and poverty worse. It has been emphasized that humanitarian aid is not a permanent solution, but that sustainable improvement is the only way. This is because the situation in the Gaza Strip has become very difficult. The rise of food insecurity has caused a tenfold increase in the number of UNRWA food assistance-reliant refugees since 2000. The UNWRA is a UN agency established in 1949 by the General Assembly and administered to assist and protect registered Palestine refugees.

To support the UNRWA emergency assistance programme in the Gaza strip, our government has contributed 1.97 million dollars. This contribution has improved the living conditions in the strip, where we have faced continuous challenges for the past couple of years. In addition, we have supported agricultural and cultural activities, as well as the promotion of human rights. Again, sustainable improvement is the way to permanently improve our future. In 2014, the Netherlands has helped with the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. We are making extra funds available for the import of building materials to the Strip through UN efforts. We have committed to developing Palestine as a whole and are looking forward to doing so in the future as well.

The UN should join forces with other fellow members of the UNRWA and form a treaty. Together, perhaps this delegate, the US and the EU can continue to work together to promote and sustain our own human rights. We support the reunification of the Gaza strip and the West Bank. However, this does not go to say that there is any need for violence against other countries.