Position Paper on Same Sex Marriage as The Netherlands

From the past decade to present, the expanding cultural trend throughout the globe has been leaning towards the issue of same-sex marriage. Though our delegate became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage, the Dutch parliament has changed our civil marriage statute saying that a marriage can only be legal through a male and a female. In addition, Muslims and Christians continue to oppose this law to this day. Moreover, these marriages have not been offered all of the obligations and rights of marriage. Only those of us who are nationals or foreigners who live with a Dutch partner are eligible for this marriage under the law.

However, this delegate supports and approves of this notion. In the year 2000, we became the first country to legalize same sex marriage. Couples are given the right to marry, divorce and have their own children. After 1 year, four marriages were held following the new law. And since then, we have enjoyed acceptance in our country for years. Public surveys have also shown that more than 75 percent of the population was for equal rights. We decide whether to conduct our own marriage ceremonies. Furthermore, this delegate has influenced various countries such as Canada, the United States, Africa, Norway, Britain, etc. in the practice of these marriages.

The UN should not promote the idea of same-sex marriage but not punish those of us who support it. We would like to see that more and more delegates come to accept the idea of same sex marriage. However, we are against the discrimination of same-sex marriages. We hope to come together with these various other countries in order to maintain and protect our legal rights.