The Best Ways to Seek Spiritual Fulfillment

Heaven. It is where we strive to be, after this life on Earth. But in order to open the gates of heaven, we must first be spiritually fulfilled. Though some may think that the only way to be lead to spiritual fulfillment is through denying physical comforts, I believe that there is another way. The truth is, seeking spiritual fulfillment is not as burdening as we make it seem. In my opinion, the best way to seek spiritual fulfillment is through three things: praise, scripture and prayer.

Principally, praise is one of the best ways to seek spiritual fulfillment. Through singing praise songs and putting our hands together for the Lord, the lyrics that we sing can also bring various answers to our prayers and such. These answers may be directly in the lyrics, or we may hear God speaking to us while singing praise. Also, I believe that praising the Lord with song is a great way of focusing on fulfillment alone. I know that when I am just sitting through a sermon, or just in prayer, I tend to continue to center my thoughts on selfish worries. However, through praise, I am able to close my eyes and empty my mind, unlike prayer, and just give more of myself to God. Therefore, praise is, indeed, one of the best ways to seek spiritual fulfillment.

Furthermore, I believe that through scripture, we are able to seek spiritual fulfillment. Though the Bible may be very hard to understand at times, after really meditating on the Word, we are indirectly given answers to our worries. I feel that sometimes, when reading the Bible, we are required to read between the lines. And similar to praise, as we read the Word of God, He may reach out and speak to us individually. Furthermore, through the Bible, I am able to relate to some of the figures in the Book. I am able to understand the experiences that these figures have gone through and then afterwards, this gives me more spiritual insight as to what spiritual fulfillment is needed for me. Therefore, we are able to seek spiritual fulfillment through scripture.

Moreover, prayer is also one of the best ways to seek spiritual fulfillment. Often times, when I am in the state of having my eyes closed, I am able to have a more vivid image as to how I can further fulfill my spiritual life. Also, through prayer, I do not have the fear that anyone else is listening. Prayer is a one-to-one time of quietness between only God and I. Furthermore; I find that with prayer, I tend to become more sincere. However, I am not sure why this is the case. Therefore, prayer is another great way to seek spiritual fulfillment.

In essence, seeking spiritual fulfillment works best when praising, reading Scripture and praying. Though this is what I say is the best way to seeking spiritual fulfillment, unfortunately, I am nowhere close to being spiritually fulfilled. My true hope is that someday, I may be even near to being spiritually fulfilled. All in all, when seeking spiritual fulfillment, remember RPP: Reading scripture, Praising and Praying!