The Traits of a Humble Person

“And whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.” (Mark 10:44). What is meant by being slave of all? As extreme as it may sound, what is meant by being a slave of all is to be a person of humility. There are quite a few traits that make up a humble person. These traits include: peaceful, listening and thankful.

Principally, a person with humility should be peaceful. Both humility and peace are interconnected in our lives. We need humility in order to live a peaceful life. We are to live in harmony with one another and give your all to tasks that are to be done for others. If a person is only always thinking about creating commotion, there is no way that this person could earn the reputation of being a peacemaker. Also, humility is often associated with being shy. This makes sense because shy people tend to not speak as much and being humble is the opposite of boasting. The two are directly correlated. Therefore, peaceful is an important characteristic of a humble person.

Furthermore, a humble person should also listen. A person with humility should know how to discipline themselves. This means that they should not be using up too many of their words at a time and keep their mouth less active than their ears. By doing so, they are not talking about themselves and are encouraging other people to talk about humility as well. No one would like a person who finishes saying what they want to say but never takes the time to hear others’ perspectives. Also, if a person were not to listen to other people, they may come across as boastful, in the case of them saying everything that they want to say, but not listening to anyone else. Therefore, attentive listening is a very significant trait to a humble person.

Moreover, people with humility tend to be more thankful about things in general. This also plays a part in humble people, generally, being very happy. These types of people take on their live with an attitude of gratitude. When we decide to live with this kind of attitude, we naturally release joy and power into our lives and the lives of others. In addition, if we are always complaining about our lives, it is more likely that when something good happens to us, we could think that we deserve it. Humility and thinking that we deserve something are completely different. The fact that one may think that they deserve something in itself is not being humble. Therefore, being thankful is a very important attribute to someone with humility.

All in all, being peaceful, a good listener and thankful are very significant traits in identifying a humble person. Not only are these three traits the only ones of a humble person, but there are infinitely more. Some people may come across to some people as humble, whereas some may think that they are the exact opposite. The process of identifying a humble person is often affected on how well you know the person and how truthful or deceiving the outside of this person may be. My hope and prayer for myself is that God be able to open up my heart and transform me so that I may get every step closer to becoming the woman that God wants me to be.

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