Riccah Aligada and author

When She’s Gone

You don’t lose your love for her all at once.

It’s a gradual slope and time slips by so quickly before you recognize it’s actually been years rather than months since you’ve visited her. Your perfect angel yet your life moves on.

You tell yourself that she’s still there. She lives through you
Where is she?

You can’t remember the last time she stood by you. You know there was a warmth. Your brain has entwined it to summer; you’ll never be able to disassociate it.

You are this beautiful result of what life is without her. You’re not the same. You are still something despite her.

Will this always be how it feels like when you lose someone you’ve cherished. Maybe this is a desolate fact. 
You are the factors of what they could’ve become but.
You are a big mistake. A reckoning of mistakes and faults and regrets.

It’s taken you years to write how it feels like. All you have is a tune you hum to keep your sadness at bay. This isn’t a song in dedication. It’s just to keep calm. You loved her but now you need more, you’ve always needed more. She’s just not there. It’s just you. 
So. How are you supposed continue?