The 3 Date Rule

It’s not what you think

First dates can be a loaded experience, with so much pending on an hour or two spent with one person. What if you were to take the pressure off and increase your chances in the game of love by practicing the 3 Date Rule. There is another 3 date rule that you may have heard of, this is not that 3 date rule. This 3 date rule involves 3 different dates giving you the opportunity to meet someone in 3 different environments and can be a total game changer in the name of love.

Firstly, it’s almost impossible to get to know someone well in an hour on a first date. Trying to assess a potential lifelong relationship on a short first date is foolhardy and risky in that you could be losing an opportunity of a lifetime. Many people can’t help but spend the date assessing if this is a person they want to marry or have children with and rule the person out after only an hour.What if you were to make your first dates’ sole purpose about meeting someone new, having fun and just to see if you want a second date?
Here’s a classic example of how opting out on a first date could have totally change the outcome for this young woman. She had been out on a date said she found the person boring and wasn’t planning to see him again. She was encouraged to go out with the person again, and get to know him better as he could have been nervous, tired or a multitude of other reasons. After going out with him two more times they are now in love and been together for the last 6 months. If she had given up after the first date they could possibly have ended up still single and thinking “where are all the good guys/girls”
Years ago couples often had a chance to see each other in a variety of situations before deciding to start dating, it’s only in recent years there’s been an increase in making these instant decisions. This is most likely due to the increase of options now available with internet dating, travel and the option to meet so many more people. 
After interviewing many couples who were married for 50 years plus it was common to hear they didn’t fall in love at first sight but often fell in love after they had been out together a few times. Imagine if on the TV show The Bachelor he only got to spend time with each girl once, apart from a very short series you can see instantly how that would be an unwise decision. Instead he gets to spend time with the girls in a variety of settings before making his decision on whether to give a rose or not. 
If you’re an Alpha male who’s used to making important decisions in business quickly and decisively this is a different playing field, it’s not business it’s personal and it can be a life altering decision.
Often people go by whether they feel chemistry or not, based on the belief that chemistry is instant. While it can be instant, and this is not always a good thing, chemistry can develop and often when you know a little more about the person.

The 3 Date Rule Process
1.First Date: The Drink Date, wine or coffee at a relaxing venue that has plenty of ambiance. Low key and a chance to get to know each other a little knowing that you have two more dates ahead. Try keeping this date to around an hour.
2.Second Date: An Activity Date that is ideally something new for both of you, but it can be something you both enjoy already or that one of you is good at that you want to share with the other person.

3.Third Date: The Dinner Date. You’ve met twice, now you have a chance to relax over a meal and converse, this can be far more relaxing having already met twice before.

Why not give the 3 Date Rule a try and if there’s no chemistry after all 3 dates then at least you know you gave every effort. Discussing the 3 Date Rule on your first date can also be an interesting topic of conversation and give you an instant connection in that you are trying an experiment together.

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