Day of the Girl
Amy Weald

People are beginning to voice their views which is good. However a lot of women will hide and decline to speak up. If you are one of these, be brave and join the Mind the Gender Gap.

Does this article ring a bell?

However, being brave and speaking out could backfire. A recent article by Clementine Ford entitled “Women are expected to humour harassment” in which she wrote ‘women aren’t allowed to talk about those things or fight back against them. Because that makes men feel bad.’ She described how one woman posted on social media about an incident of threatening behaviour from one man towards three female passengers. Like Chinese whispers the story became embroidered and appeared on a handful of particularly vitriolic and paranoid men’s rights websites with the spurious claim the man was autistic. As women we are told to be on the lookout for strange men and avoid interacting with them, otherwise we can be seen to be ‘asking for it’ and should know what to expect. None of this matters — because the moment we do take measures to protect ourselves and give a heads up to other women too, things can backfire as some male circles will accuse us of demonising all men and ruining the lives of individual ones, even when we have indisputable facts.