It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

This really does come across as angry ranting by an angry sycophant. I wanted Sanders, I didn’t get him. I voted Clinton, but I did so fully expecting that the election would be close. I didn’t expect Trump to win, but he did. Sanders does not need to apologize for being the leftwing version of Trump. He was resonating with the people who turned to Trump after Clinton got the nomination. He was resonating with the rest of us who wanted the status quo to end. I’ve read a stack of post mortems, and they all point in the same direction; the Democrats, especially Clinton, took for granted all the folk in the Rust Belt, apparently thinking party loyalty would win out. What they failed to realize was that those voters had enough of voting Democrat and not getting anything out of it over the past couple of decades. They would have listened if Clinton had bothered to talk with them and been authentic about it. She didn’t. By the time the midterms get here they will know if Trump is going to deliver, I don’t expect him to. At that point, they may very well choose to sit out that election cycle. I don’t think that will work well for the Democrats.

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