The intrepid and exciting adventures of Chrissy Whitehouse aged 45 exactly

Episode 5 – week 1 Fortaleza

Well everyone, I’m finally here in Brazil…. Surprisingly, the customs I was most concerned about turned out to be the easiest as my passport was stamped without any questions and I could just walk through…… Thank you Jesus!!!!

I’m staying in a place called Sitio Peniel – which is in reference to Jacob’s encounter with God an…. Jacob named the place Peniel because he saw the face of God and given my experiences here so far, I would agree that this is an aptly named place…

The Sitio (pronounced sit-u) is about 40 min drive from the airport….. Without realising it, my flight into Fortaleza carried an additional 5 students, 3 from UK, 1 from The Netherlands, and another Australian (he is a Queenslander but that’s ok 😉😉)

We were picked up by some of the staff (missionaries from Iris Fortaleza) in their beat up Combie and driven to the Sitio…. It was night time so I couldn’t see much but the humidity was very obvious….

The Sitio is outside the city of Fortaleza heading towards the interior of Brazil, a bus ride from shopping centres and two bus tides from the centre of the city….

It is about 1.2 acres in size and has a swimming pool, sand volley ball court, and a small soccer field…. Some photos of the Sitio are below…

I sleep in the same room as 26 other girls which really teaches you about community very quickly…. There are no fly screens over the windows which means my mosquito net has been very helpful…. The bats do fly in each night and have pooped on some of the girls nets and beds which has been interesting…..

This is a shot of our room – my bed is the one with the red bag in front….

The view from my bed….

I was pretty shocked when I saw the kitchen, because the doorway is the picture God gave me in the vision I had nearly 4 years ago that started this journey….

We share the Sitio with a lovely flock of hens and chickens, a rooster., a couple of turkeys

A dog that only had three good legs, 4 geese that are very entertaining…

And a very cute family of tiny monkeys that look more like limas ….

It’s cold water showers, actually it’s cold water everything except for the pool which is warm…. It’s so hot and humid here that cold water is welcome… I was also greeted on my first night by a stack of bed bugs and the mozzies are relentless and seem impervious to the liberal amount of repellant I use…

Classes started on Monday 7 March and this first week was all about settling in and getting to know each other, and establishing the routines we would be in for the school… we have class from 9 – 12 noon each week day morning. On Monday and Friday’s in the afternoon it is cleaning the Sitio… we have been broken into 6 colour groups, mine is Black (Preto) and two colour groups at a time take it in turns to clean the Sitio….. It takes about 2 hours and generally we are sweeping and mopping or raking the leaves or cleaning the toilets

Because there are 70 of us in total – 40 students and 30 staff, we only get one day a week to hand wash our clothes at the laundry (picture below)

This makes life interesting when you only have 5 changes of clothes…

We have a family night every Thursday which is something everyone looks forward to as Thursday is also fasting day….

In this atmosphere of what may seem like a holiday, I am being totally undone by Gods endless love…. We go on outreaches to different areas every weekend; mine. Is to the red light district, where all the prostitutes, both male and female work…

Living in this community where I am the minority – there are about 11 westerner students is an amazing experience and I am having to learn the language really fast…. I keep praying for a supernatural download…. In addition, I am the oldest single person here…. The majority of students and staff are in there mid 20's….. We are becoming a family and the love and generosity the Brazilians demonstrate is wonderful…. They share everything and I mean everything … clothes, washing powder, food, etc….and I feel so at home here…. I have heaps more to tell you but I will leave it here for this episode….😊😊😊😊

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