The intrepid and exciting adventures of Chrissy Whitehouse aged 45 exactly

Episode 9 weeks 11,12 &13 Fortaleza

Well I’m at the end of the school….. Can you believe that I have been in Brazil 3 months ….. It has been an amazing journey and I have learnt so much about myself and soo much about Jesus ….. 😊😊😊

I thought I would use this episode to share with all the wonderful people I have shared this journey with …. Let’s start with my amazing small group…. Julia (UK), Samara (Brazil), Nicolle (Brazil), Zoey (Wales) & Renata (Brazil)

These girls were so amazing, I loved doing life with them….

Next we have Tea (Holland)

She loves children and was such a wonderful friend…..

Next is the lovely Anna (New Zealand) & Cleiton (Brazil)…. These guys were such fun and became great friends during school….

Now we get into the group photos….

This was a whole stack of us enjoying chairs at the beach…. And my beautiful friend Andrea (UK) is at the front….

This is Eli an amazing worshiper and great guy… although we couldn’t have long conversations because of the language barrier…. I love this beautiful young man …. He is a wonderful friend….

This is me hugging Du Carmo…. She is such a beautiful young lady… who I get to go to Amazon with…. This was one of our many prayer and worship sessions in preparation for the Amazon trip….

Our last family night…. It was a pool party theme…. From left to right it’s…. Juliana, Cleiton, Samara, Lugemille & me!!! Awesome friends and spiritual children 😊😊😊

On the Tuesday of the last week of school, we had a celebratory breakfast for the staff….. When Brazilians want to celebrate with food then this is what you eat…. Pancakes, tapioca, ham and cheese bread rolls, couscous, cake, cookies, fruit, coffee, juice…. The pancakes and tapioca, which is basically sifted tapioca flour into a dry fry pan and the heat melts the tapioca together…. It’s quite bland on its own so that’s why you top it with melting cheese for savoury or condensed milk or chocolate for sweet…. Really nice too!!!….. I have since discovered ion staying in the hotel in Manaus where I am writing this from that cake is part of the Brazilian idea of a continental breakfast ….. The sacrifices that are made to be a missionary…. 😋😋😋

Anyway we also had a bit of an awards ceremony to honour and thank the staff…. It was such a fun thing to organise and do…. The staff did so much in serving and leading us and I was truly thankful for everything they had done during the school….

Later that day…..

all the gringas (westerners) who had to go to the Federal police to have our visas extended….. What started off being a time full of roadblocks and grumpy officials who interrogated some of the team and threatened to not approve the extensions was completely turned around by the atmosphere of Jesus and heaven so much so that by the end of the day, we had prayed for two of the staff, and were asked to come back and visit them at any time as they wanted to hear about our trip…. God is so good….

Graduation was wonderful, a Brazilian bbq in the afternoon and then a graduation ceremony in the evening….

Brazilians really know how to celebrate because whenever a students name was called, the Brazilians would go crazy screaming and cheering and running up to group jump hug the graduate …. It was insane and awesome ….. I love how they celebrate life and each other ….

Week 13 has been a mixture of saying goodbye to some people who have now become life long friends and preparing for the next part of my journey – The Amazon….

We were originally going to be leaving on the Wednesday just gone but due to issues with our flight tickets, we had purchased unknowingly stand by flights, as there are 13 of us it’s pretty hard to get us all a stand by ticket on the one flight…. So instead we left Saturday…. God knows what he was doing though because the extra time meant we could be a part of helping to pack up the school and pray for the other extended outreach teams, which was great….

We even did a training workout…. Just one though….😊😊😊😊

And then before we realised it was our last Acai trip….

We left Saturday morning for the airport and travelled in 3 groups to Mamaus which is on the edge of the Amaxon… I was a part of the first group and we arrived in Manaus at around 2.30pm and then had an 8 hour wait for group 2 to arrive… I have done lots of waiting in airports, particularly for the Johnstons…. Which I loved but waiting for 8 hours with very few shops open you start to get a little crazy so what does one do when you are stuck at an airport with 3 young people, you post videos…. Lots of videos….. They were fun to make and it help pass the time…

You get the picture 😊😊😊😊

We also played Dutch Blirz…. If you haven’t played it is a very cool game…. Fast paced and fun, I’m looking forward to getting my own set and bringing it back to Australia…

So I’m in Manaus….

We leave on Monday for a 2 day boat ride to Tefe….and then I think we are in canoes to get to the tribe we will be living with….

Because I’m not sure about access to Internet in the jungle, this will be my last blog until I return to Fortaleza around the 18th August….

Please pray for protection over the team and our families, particularly my son and my sister and her family… pray that Jesus will go mightily before us and that this time will being such glory to His name …. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support….. You are part of this journey as well and I look forward to posting about the Amazon adventure in August….


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