Writing Your Hero’s Journey as a Memoir

I’m guessing your immediate reaction to that question was “oh hell no.”

Why? Because life is boring. Even the most exciting people spend a third of their lives sleeping and another third at work. More importantly, there’s no real point (my apologies to everyone who believes we each have a…

Where is the time going???

One promise of any decent safer-at-home, self-isolating quarantine should be increased productivity right? Things should be flying off our to-do lists like toilet paper off shelves!

Well…. Maybe.

I know this is what I thought going into this thing, especially with a jam packed list…

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”― Elbert Hubbard

There are dozens of quotes out there about how as authors we need to have thick skin. This almost seems like a cosmic joke seeing that we also need to have light, carefree sensitive souls. …

Talent is required, but much of writing is a matter of craft, which develops with time, attention, patience and practice, like playing an instrument or learning to dance.

Susan Wiggs

I’ve been having daily book related conversations with authors and future authors dating back to 2001. Through my business and…

“Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency and integrity.” ~Janet Louise Stevenson

If you are in the business of selling anything including your own brand and products, of persuading people to invest in you, whether through money, time, or attention — listen up. (My fellow authors, this includes you!)

Which do you think you have more control over — sales or reader impact?

In the film “We Love You Sally Carmichael!” a reclusive author named Simon Hayes finds fame not through the one book he wrote under his own name, but through a series of phenomenally successful “merman romance”…

Two frequently asked questions I receive from authors are — when should I start prepping for my book launch and what should I do first?

Fair warning, the answer I’m about to lay out for you as an author is likely different than what you might get from a marketer.

Christine Whitmarsh

Christine “Ink” helps authors create books that make a difference. When not changing the world with books Christine plays circus on the Lyra/Aerial Hoop.

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