Is My Child Ready to Start Music Lessons?

“Is my child ready to start music lessons?”

This is a question I hear all the time as a music teacher.

First, can your child focus for short periods of time on a task.

Will your child interact with another adult who is giving them instructions?

Finally, the most important consideration for if your child is ready to start music lessons is:

Are you the parent ready to undertake music lessons with your child?

As the parent of grown children, I can tell you the time and effort is worth it. But I can also tell you it’s not something to be taken lightly.

  • Can you get your child to a lesson, and group class, each week?
  • Can you make time for listening to music at home and in the car?
  • Can you carve out time to sit with your child and help them learn to practice, with your teacher’s guidance?
  • Can you commit long term to this process? (You can read about why short term commitments to music don’t work here)



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Christine E Goodner

Christine E Goodner


Teacher, writer, & podcaster on the topic of teaching music, learning music, and parenting music students. FREE email course on practice