Who Cares What You Should Do . . . Do What Works

As a music teacher I hear lots of statements like “everyone should” “students must” and “of course you have to…”

I think it is far more important to look at each student holistically, with the big picture in mind, and with an understanding of what will work for their individual needs.

It is easy to bogged down in what everyone is telling you you should do.

You must . . . .

You should . . .

Everyone has to . . .

Forget all of that.

Sometimes people telling what you should and must do are just telling you what worked for them, or for someone they know.

That doesn’t mean it is the thing that will work for you.

What works?

What have you tried that gives you a good result?

What have you tried that you have learned (the hard way) does not give you the outcome you want?

What have others done that you can learn from and try for yourself?

Not because you must, or you have to, or everyone should.

Because it works.



What helps you learn and grow and succeed?

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Christine Goodner writes about music education, child development and helping teachers and parents empower their children to reach their full potential.