Why Tribe Conference Should be on Your Calendar Next Year

I just attended Tribe Conference in Franklin, TN for the first time.

I wish I could make a short list of top takeaways from the weekend, but there were just too many.

When I set out to write the top quotes from each speaker my list was three pages long. I know I am going to be referring to that list and being inspired by it all year!

Here were my goals for the weekend:

I went to the conference hoping I would have a better idea of the next steps for my writing.

I wanted to be open to new thoughts and ideas.

I wanted to connect with people that had encouraged me online in my writing.

I wanted to see the great speakers on the schedule speak in person.

Here’s what I wasn’t expecting:

I met artists, other musicians, art directors and all other sorts of creative people. This is a conference for creative people of all types.

Every speaker had something to say that I could learn from. From speakers I wasn’t familiar with at all like Pamela Slim and Ishita Gupta to those whose books I had read and already learned a lot from like Jon Acuff and Ryan Holiday —everyone gave me something useful and inspiring to think about.

The community of people at this conference is one of a kind and the community building is very intentional. Attendees sit at round tables facing each other rather than just in chairs facing the front. There are many chances to discuss and interact in small groups and many speakers were right there at the tables also taking notes and taking part right along with us.

In his opening remarks Jeff Goins told us that “Every story of success is really a story of community.”

I think this sums it up well.

I went into the conference as a writer who wanted to be learn and be inspired.

I left after this amazing weekend as part of a community that learns together and inspires one another.

I love the Dolly Parton quote I randomly saw on a sign, down the hall from the event space, (pictured above). “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

After my time at Tribe Conference I would add: do it on purpose and as a part of a vibrant, creative community! Otherwise, I couldn’t put it any better.

Christine E Goodner

Written by

Teacher, writer, & podcaster on the topic of teaching music, learning music, and parenting music students. FREE email course on practice https://goo.gl/Ygx57

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