A d d i c t i o n

This will not make you stop your addiction. But maybe it will spark a light at the end of a tunnel.

If you’re anything like me, a young-ish (and by young-ish I mean a premature adult) student who’s perspective on the world is growing (and by growing I mean taking a turn towards nihlism), you may be experimenting with — how to run away from your life 101.

In other words: addictions, smiley face.

In the dystopian/utopian magical world called college, there is an endless supply of addiction. Sex, drugs, alcohol, people, gossip: are to name a few.

And yes, alcohol earns its own category separate from drugs.

In some ways, addictions help you run away. They help you run from the things we hate, the things we seem to be too afraid to change. Or maybe it’s your crippling self-doubt and pity that makes change seem unattainable. Addictions ease you into complacency. It makes the process of not giving a rat’s piss about your current demise, easier — smoother.

But here’s the thing about addictions, they can only help you run..but you can’t hide. At least not forever. You can’t hide from whatever the hell you’re using your addictions to avoid. The truth is insidious. It will indubitably never fail to find you.

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Get real with yourself. Ask the tough questions — and listen closely to your answers.

There will come a point when you must face yourself. It will happen. And when it comes, please try.