Key and Peele’s Georgina, Ester, and Satan: Defeating the Devil With A Prayer and A Divine Kegel

I’m gonna punch that nigga Satan in the nuts so hard, it wipe the dick-licking smirk off his horned- ass face…”
I might have believed these words were spoken by a sailor, a man serving a 20 year prison stint in San Quentin, even my own grandfather — but never in my life would I have believed I would witness such vulgar words cross the lips of a church-going, front row-sitting, sporttin’ the hat to match her suit, African- American grandmother- especially Sister Ester!

Sister Ester: Grandmother of Jason, Mother in Law of Crystal and Conqueror of Satan

Key and Peele have done hundreds of skits, many of which have dealt with prominent issues within black households and prominent aspects of African American culture, but never has their commentary crossed the threshold of sanctity that is the black church, that was until the third episode of the fourth when they aired the sketch “Georgina and Ester, and Satan”.

From the moment Sister Georgina walked down the aisle to a knocked out Sister Ester on the second row, this sketch- though exaggerated- perfectly illustrates the most prominent figures in the church- aside from the pastor- the Mothers (aka the great aunts and grandmothers in the church).

Known for being the backbone of her family, the soul of the church, and a symbol of divine wisdom and strength, one’s grandmother is usually the quintessential matriarch of an African American family. From the glasses with the kalevel chain to the old-school ebonic vernacular, “there smoking the reefer, and doing the hanky-panky with boys”, Key and Peele nailed their personas so seamlessly I almost mistook them for my own grandmother. Yet, almost automatically it becomes quite apparent that these grandmothers are anything but ordinary. Georgina and Ester curse like sailors, have disturbing thoughts of vengeance, and are so sexually enticing, not even the devil can resist.

A play on familiarity is the foundation of this sketch. As I mentioned in the former paragraph the sketch is set up around the typical black, churchgoing grandmother. Characterized as an elderly woman of color dedicated to her faith, she is soft-spoken but so powerful she can quiet a ranging dinner table with the raising of her hand. Even people who don’t identify as black have been exposed to this image of the black matriarch because it has been depicted in advertisements such as, Aunt Jemima, and in a plethora of movies such as “Soul Food” and “Big Momma’s House”. This is the grandmother we all know and love, the one that would come to mind if I were asked to envision my own grandmother. So, I practically fell out of my seat when Sister Georgina boldly proclaimed that if the devil did not take his hands off her grand-niece she was going to “cut [his] dick off and shove it in his ass”.
Though presented as the stereotypical elderly church lady, there is one hilarious, though cringe-worthy, aspect of Georgina and Ester that immediately signifies to the audience that these two ladies are not any old run of the mill gossiping church mothers: their swearing abilities. Lurking within the ladies seemingly normal conversation, out of nowhere the two women start dropping words such as “dick” and “ass”, in the church! Instantly the seemingly mundane occurrence encounters a plot twist. By giving the two elderly women a vernacular flooded with profanity, the audience is hit with a deviation of character they would never have expected. Going back to my childhood and up until this present day, I can count on one hand the number of times I have heard my grandmother swear, let alone in a church! In Sister Annie Rebecca’s (my grandmother) house, not even the world shut up is tolerated and I dare anyone to curse! In black culture, the probability of an old lady saying “Fuck the devil” while on holy ground is so preposterous one can’t help but laugh. This aspect of the sketch, in particular, was hysterical to me because I could just see my grandmother giving Ester and Georgina the look of death from across the aisle. Still, in setting the sketch up this way the audience feels a proverbial pleasure because they are given an image that is familiar, while also being confronted by perverse language and terms, one would be mortified to hear their grandmother use.

Still, its Ester and Georgina’s disturbing acts of vengeance within they prayers that comprise the most perverse, yet hilarious game (or the escalation of humor) in the sketch I have ever. Truly every time one of the two women’s family members find themselves “wrapped up in the claws of Satan”, whether it be “the spray painting and the vandalism” or “the pornography of women”, the violence and disturbing things they plan to do escalate. Now, I’ve heard of the saying “Don’t mess with a Mama Bears cubs, but the absurd thoughts of violence Ester and Georgina had toward the devil and how they planned (and eventually did) execute them, was like something out of one of Tyler Perry’s Madea movies. Starting with bizarre acts such as “spreading your booty cheeks on the devil’s face, and puckering up your stank hole so you can toops, toops, toops, scoops, bedoop-scoop-scoop-skedoops until that nigga got a brown dot on his nose that you can use for target practice” and moving on until Georgina and Ester are actually possessed Satan! By this point, the joke is the scenario is so bizarre and absurd and that comedian Pete Holmes in a podcast with Keegan- Michael Key said: “he didn’t see this coming”.

“What’s happening Georgina”

If I weren’t astounded before Ester and Georgina’s crude sexual acts, this elderly unrated activity solidified the fact that I will never forget this sketch or be able to look at my grandmother or any other mother of the church in the eye ever again! It would be naïve of me to believe that old people were virgins- I mean we all had to get here somehow, but nothing could have prepared me for turn the sketch took when Ester said she was “gonna seduce [the devil]”. Still this was just the beginning of my discomfort, Key and Peele really upped the ante. All of a sudden Georgina and Ester prayers took a drastic turn and they started alluding to sex acts so explicit they could easily be the script for a pornographic film, “I’m gonna give him this way. I’m gonna give him that way. And then, right when he about to climax, that’s when I’m gonna clench up my pussy on that motherfucker’s red dick, and I’m gonna snap that nigga cock off with a DIVINE kegel”. This joke made me so uncomfortable I had to had to laugh to keep gagging. I honestly thought my ears were going to bleed when Georgina said she would wring the devil’s dick out”. So I quite frankly died on the inside when the prayers became all too real.

“Right now I got his dick in my hands like a old rag. I’m wringing out! I’m wringing it out!”

In the final round of the game, the hypothetical becomes reality, when Georgina is actually possessed by satin himself. Yet, instead of being overcome with fear, Georgina starts “beating [the devil’s]ass” By the time Sister “Georgina Dieneee Martinnnnn” [sticks] a safety pin in this nigga’s urethra”, the devil is begging for help. Still, the devil’s torment is not over until Sister Ester solidifies her former promise…
“What’s going on? This feels good. Why would you do this to me?
– Georgina: Oh, you’ll see in a second, motherfucker.
– Just wait, motherfucker.
– Satin: Oh, I’m waiting, but oh, here I cum. Here I cum.
– Georgina: Here you go, ha! Grabbed it! SNAP!”


Key and Peele literally climaxed their joke to the sexual climax of the devil. Not only did the audience just witness Georgina having sex with Satan, but she just defeated the devil by snapping his dick off with a KEGEL! Sure Madea has cut a couch in half with a chainsaw, but she’s never “snapped [a] nigger dick off”! By the time the organ, signifying the commencement of the service, starts playing Georgina and Ester have Satan confessing “Jesus Christ [as his] personal Lord and savior”!
Perfectly timed and executed this sketch is one of Key and Peele’s finest. Though taboo, the sketch has an ora of familiarity that could only have been pulled off by someone with experience of being in a black congregation. In a 2015 podcast with Pete Homes Keegan- Michael Key spoke of his Christian upbringing and how he grew up believing that it was okay to curse as long as it was about the devil.” This in combination with the gossiping church lady- that every black church has-makes for a flawless combination. Key and Peele really had to walk a fine line with this sketch- it’s risky to tell a yo mama joke but a grandma joke…. in church, that’s unheard of . Key and Peele’s ability to execute such an innovative sketch as this one speaks to their brilliance as comedians.