5 Reasons Why Wooden Garden Fencing is Good than Brick Wall

When it comes to protecting the garden from pets, children, and uninvited guests, you have numerous options to choose. You can build a brick wall all around your garden or go for garden fencing. Though both options are great for adding privacy and security, there are also various areas where fencing wins over the brick walls. Keep reading to know the benefits of choosing wooden garden fencing over brick walls.

  1. Undefeatable Strength

Though nothing can beat the strength and durability of the brick walls, wooden garden fences also provide a strong protection to your property from children, pets, and unwanted guests when installed in a proper way. When it comes to garden fencing, you must make sure that the fence should be strong and durable enough to withstand any weather condition. A good quality wooden garden fencing will surely offer an amazing security solution, but if you want to ensure an extra strength, you should install gravel board on the bottom of the fence panels. This will not only protect the fences from ground moisture but will also stop the wood from rotting.

  1. Style & Character

You have plenty of options to beautify your garden in a unique way with garden fencing. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns, wooden garden fencing goes perfectly with any garden and property. Brick walls also look great when maintained in a proper way but there are most styles available in fencing to amplify the look of the garden.

  1. Time Saving

Garden fencing is a pretty much time-saving option than building a brick wall throughout the garden. As compared to brick walls, garden fences can be installed pretty quickly. Moreover, they can also be repaired quickly and economically as compared to the brick walls.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

If you are looking for environment-friendly options, there will be surely no better options available than installing wooden garden fences. Being a sustainable material, wood can be easily replaced whenever required. Bricks, on the other hand, are not as sustainable because of the materials and production techniques they are made out of.

  1. Economical

Garden fencing is far reasonable than constructing a brick wall. One needs to buy concrete, cement, bricks, and have to pay the professionals for building garden walls. Garden fencing, on the other hand, offers far reasonable options to amplify the look and appearance of the garden.

Hope, now you have a good understanding of why a lot of people prefer to install garden fences over garden walls. If you too are planning to install garden fences, you need to approach a reliable and renowned supplier to get quality and economical garden fencing in Cork. Visit Hanleys of Cork to explore a comprehensive range of beautiful and durable wooden garden fences within your budget.