To Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March

Dear Susan, your open letter to Christy caused such anger and sadness in me that I had to respond. I couldn’t march. If only I could. To not just show my solidarity with the women of America, but to all Americans during these dark days. You see I am not only a man, but live in South Africa, many, many thousands of miles away. We did not have a march organised in our country. I am embarrassed that we did not follow the lead of London, Berlin, Sydney and so many other major cities of the world. But then, yes I did march, if only in spirit. Following the various marches on CNN I was there, part of the marches. Taking in every word that was spoken by every speaker. The speakers behind the microphone on a stage. The speakers in the crowd behind a microphone being held by reporter.

Madonna said fuck those that were against the march. The Christy’s of the world. I agree, but not just say “fuck you Christy”, but fuck everyone that voted Republican. Most importantly, I not only say “Fuck you Trump” but “Fuck you” to all his cronies”

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