Why it is time to get a Camera Drone

Get it now — and your perspective will change.

Have you ever dreamed of having a bird’s eye perspective? Being in the air and seeing everything from above… A total new viewpoint — on nature, the beach, a forest, a waterfall, a city, a highway ... Can you imagine seeing all that from above? And even capture it in beautiful photos or videos…recording your activities and showing the results to your friends…wouldn’t that be awesome?

Have fun and broaden your horizon!

First of all, the fun factor is one of the most important — it not only looks fun, it really is! Since flying is easier than ever before, you can quickly learn to control the drone in few minutes and then you are basically a “drone pilot”.

Nowadays drones can fit into your pocket so you can take them anywhere you want.

You take it out, click the propellers on it, put the charged battery inside, connect your smartphone or tablet with the controller….and you are ready to fly. It often sounds a little complicated…but, it’s not it’s easy.

When you get back from a trip outside and want to check out the content you’ve captured, you can clearly see the perspective change…something different and also find some unexpected, beautiful or hidden.

From personal experience, I can say that it really motivates to go outside and discover new places.

Why now?

WHY should you buy it right now? Because the market is growing rapidly which means falling prices. Every half a year there is a new product released, hence older ones are cheaper and with an investment of only 500 to 1500 dollars, you’ll be equipped with a good camera drone.

Another reason to get a drone as soon as possible are the laws regarding unmanned flying objects. Regulations and rules in most countries are not too harsh…yet. In few years you will need permissions, to fly, everywhere and maybe even get a license before. If you want to fly in the US you already need to register your drone and get a flying permission.

On the other hand, flying a drone like this is safer than ever before, with integrated obstacle warning and an automatic “fly home” function. This is possible because the drone is constantly connected to satellites via GPS and therefore its always knows the exact position.

Result: Beautiful recordings

The impressive results are beautiful videos or photos of the places you have been to, which you can share with your friends, family or the world wide web. Your images will be unique because most people won’t have the opportunity to see like you can through your birds-eye perspective.

It just blows your mind.

Today the conditions are perfect to buy a drone, the safety standards are on a really high level, which also guarantees the end result — the beautiful recordings.

Without my drone, I would have never experienced the great impressing on nature created by getting a bird’s eye perspective.

Get it now — and your perspective will change!

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