Reason You May Need Jaw Implants

It is never desirable to lose teeth. The first thing that tends to happen right after you lose your tooth is the creation of a gap in your smile. This gap can cause loss of confidence. There are other dental health problems which occur after you lose your teeth. For instance, other teeth tend to move in the direction of lost tooth to fill the gap. This movement can result in the misalignment of your teeth. This misalignment can further cause unsettled bite and your inability to brush your teeth properly. In other words, a lost tooth can result in a set of dental and oral health problems.

Among other solutions available for the replacement off missing teeth, dental implant is the one that tends to restore looks and functionality of your missing teeth. Here, it would be worth mentioning that dental implants can help you restore your single as well as multiple teeth. Even if you wear dentures, you can get implants to have the dentures fitted in place.

What are jaw implants?

You may be the right candidate for jaw implants if you wear dentures. It means that your dentures are going to be fixed with the help of titanium posts surgically inserted into your jawbone. These posts get fused to the jawbone and become a part of your dental structure. They are strong enough to provide your dentures the much needed stability.

There are a few types of implants. The most common ones are endosteal and subperiosteal.

Endosteal implants consist of screws which are inserted surgically into the jawbone. On the other hand, subperiosteal implants are inserted under the gum line but they remain above the jawbone. The replacement teeth are then mounted on the metal posts visible. If you do not have sufficient jawbone to support these implants, your dentist may decide to perform a bone augmentation surgery to regrow the bone in the sockets.

Reasons you may need dental implants

With ageing, the bones and organs of the body start getting weakened. Loss of teeth is something that is going to happen anyway when you will get older. But then, there is a solution if you want to enjoy chewing your foods and show off your smile. If you have lost all of your teeth, you can still get them replaced with the help of dentures. However, regular or conventional dentures may not make it entirely possible for you to get complete capability to chew your foods. So you can consider getting jaw implants. Jaw implants provide stability to your dentures as mentioned above. The existence of implants in jawbone is going to keep the jawbone stimulated, and it will not deteriorate.

Although the jaw implants along with dentures fitted on them are not cost effective, you are going to find this treatment a life-changing curve.