Entry Points for Humans to the Blockchain

Christoph Bergmann

MetaHandle are entry points for humans to the Blockchain: They eternally link a transaction id to a human readable term.

A major difference between human and computer brains is how memory works. Computer brains can access any information they have on storage. Human minds need a keyword.

A computer has no problem to use something like a hash, which is an ugly and long string of hexadezimal characters, to access files in his storage. It doen’t care about the form of the string, it just needs anyone. But as a human — you will never be able to remember such a hash. Everything stored in your brain needs a reference to be accessed. If it was a hash, you’d neever find it again. You need real words, like “my cat” or “Eyjafjallajökull”.

Unfortunately, Blockchain data must be organized by the hashes of the transaction. That’s what makes it a blockchain. This is ok for machines. But it is terrible for humans. Which is very sad.

Blockchain is the most accessable data storage which ever existed. It is hyper accessable. Everywhere can access, everytime, everywhere, without permission, without accounts. It’s all just there. In theory, you could access data on the blockchain with nothing but your brain.

But there’s a problem. What is hyper accessability worth, when you can’t memorize the keyword and need another medium, like paper or datafiles, to find a file? For a human being, files stored onchain are not more accessable then the medium which stores the transaction id. Hyper accessability becomes weak accessability.

MetaHandle solves this. It makes the blockchain accessable for humans. A MetaHandle is an entry point. You can start with a human readable keyword, find the handle with it, and get the transaction id. With MetaHandle, you need nothing more than a word to access your onchain content. It creates real hyper accessability.

MetaHandles are transactions themselves: They become permanent entry points for humans as part of the blockchain. They organize a blockchain in a way that humans can access it.

Christoph Bergmann

Written by

CEO of MetaHandle

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