How do I increasing my winning chances using the DAO Hub?

Christoph Zaknun
4 min readDec 17, 2021


Every day a total of 500 points are being distributed to all active participants in the Hub. Points are given out for Quoting Tweets in Hub Feed. The Hub feed showcases all Tweets generated by our projects, in order to provide our users with a wide range of options to choose from.

Just click on any tweet and then open the Quote Tweet option or press the Tweet with Quote button in blue.

On Twitter, users can Retweet or Retweet with Quote. The Quote button can be found by clicking on the RT icon and then choosing option Quote Tweet. Once the users generated a Quoted Retweet, the system will monitor the user’s impression for that quote over 72 hours. The more impressions a Quoted Tweet receives, the more points will the users receive.

How does the Point system work exactly?

Everyday users can generate quoted tweets that gain impressions. Once a day, points for all users are calculated based on the following formula:

User_Daily_Impressions / Total_Daily_Impressions = Share Rate

Share Rate * Daily Point Pool = User__Points_For_Day


User generates 5000 Impressions on all his tweets.

Total generated impressions on the same day by all users was 50 000.

Daily inflation pool is 500 Points

Share rate for the user on that day = 10%

Daily Points for that user = 50

The goal therefore is to generate most impressions and to grow your average impression rate on Twitter. That also means that spamming tweets will likely result in loss of future points, as Twitter will shadowban you. The best way to gain impressions is to create a healthy Twitter account that shares valuable information and to grow your audience.

For every generated Quoted Tweets, the system will detect impressions for 72 hours. After that, any impressions generated by that tweet will not count.

Dot Not Spam

Twitter algorithms are a billion dollar technology that have been worked on for years by the smartest people in the world. Trying to spam useless tweets or boosting fake engagement will only result in your account being shadow banned. The goal is to generated tangible value and visibility for the coin in the DAO Ecosystem. This is achieved by creating valuable insights that will be seen by qualified users. Follow the tips and tricks to improve your Twitter skill and become a massive Influencer.

How can I use my points for SHOs?

Points will be used for SHOs starting early Q1 2022. Until then users can start earning and staking up points. Once a users wins a SHO his points will be reduced by half.

Tips how to boost your Daily Points

Points come from generating quoted tweets that grow in impressions. You can try to post 10 tweets a day that likely will not have a lot of impressions or focus and create 1 or 2 good quoted tweets a day that go viral or have at least decent traction.

Everything is about generating qualified impressions for the user. That means you need to learn how to grow your Twitter account organically. Below are tips and tricks on how to do that.

Tutorial on how to improve your Twitter Game:



Christoph Zaknun