11 Principles to Help you Build the Life of your dreams.

I really believe from the bottom of my hearth that there is way to create the life of your dreams, that there is a better way of living.

For me it all started when someone, that I can’t be more thankful to have in my life, transposed this desire of a life with exponential abundance, freedom, happiness and purpose.

It’s like someone had planted a seed into my body that kept growing and growing and growing. I kept having those pictures into my mind of a life without worries and fears; I felt this amazing feeling of peace of mind that I never experienced until that day, and that felt unbelievably good.

This became an obsession and I started to believe that if someone else is living the life of their dreams I can live it too.

This was approximately four years ago and since then this obsessional desire never got out of my mind, and this is by far the best thing that happened to me.

I came to realise that it wasn’t enough to just dream about my dream life, I had to establish new habits and apply them with consistency and focus. I quickly saw that this wasn’t the easy way, but in the end the journey was all worth it.

“Today I will do what others can’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” — Dave Ramsey

Here are the 11 tips that helped me create the life of my dreams and that I strongly believe that will help you design yours:

1. Replace all negative thoughts by Positive thoughts. This is the first step that you must take toward living your life to the fullest, because without that you won’t have enough faith, courage, and confidence in your abilities to create that dream life. When your brain only sees the negative side of things, he’s processing by finding your limitations in every situation, but magic happens when you switch these thoughts into positive. This is where your brain starts to be creative and see opportunities, solutions in every situation. Instead of thinking about lack of money and poverty, put yourself in a state of abundance and freedom, think about how would you feel in possession of that money, what would you do, where would you be. If you are not able to change all your negative thoughts into positive right away this is completely normal, it takes time and practice, but change this bad habit and you will already see a huge difference into your life. Your thoughts are the only thing that you have complete control over, and this is your duty to control them. Life’s all about perception and how you perceive the different situations that you are facing. You always have two choices; either see the negative side of a situation or see the positive and take it as a learning. Start now, there’s positive in every situation, you just have to figure it out.

2. Work on yourself. “Your first duty is to yourself. Shakespeare’s marvelous poetic line “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any men.” How true it is that your first duty is to yourself. Protect your mind, protect your inner consciousness. Use self-discipline to take possession of your own mind, to direct it to the things you want and to keep it off the things you don’t want. It’s the most important and precious gift of the creator to mankind. Show your appreciation by respecting that gift and using it.” — Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich). I strongly recommend you this book; this would be the second step toward building the life of your dreams. Create yourself a sanctuary, a place where you ask for guidance, instructions, a place where you can read and take time to know yourself, a place where nobody but the creator and yourself commune. Growth is part of the essence of the human being so please develop this habit of a never ending growth, for you and the people around you.

3. Have a definite purpose. This is probably the most important tip that I can give you to create the life of your dreams, because a clear definite purpose is knowing exactly how you intend to live your dream life and create a definite plan to attain it. It should represent your greatest purpose in life, the one single purpose above all others you desire to achieve, your lifelong purpose. If you don’t have a major purpose in life, I think you are wasting the better portion of your life. I believe that you were sent here for a reason and giving a mind to attain your own destiny. A definite purpose will concentrate and focus your mind on a specific purpose, which will lead to concrete actions towards it. Write it out so it can be understood, memorize it and start repeating it day in and day out until your subconscious mind picks it up and automatically acts upon it. You want to write a definite purpose that will put you out of you comfort zone, something achievable but that is going to make you grow. You must choose something that excites you, put a smile on your face, something that resonate inside you and make you feel proud. I recommend you to have one major purpose for the long term and one for a shorter period of time. It’s crucial to put a time when you intend to achieve that purpose, be really clear and specific. This is the formula that I use to write my purposes and I really encourage you to do the same: http://www.improlivgroup.com/blog/2016/1/17/zl5c3wxo0drc7xpcpovrg8nmcemfsh. By creating this definite purpose you are one step closer to enjoy that the amazing life, that you picture into your mind.

4. Concentration. The importance of concentration is crucial when you have your definite purpose. The more you focus on it, the more it will impregnate your subconscious mind, and become an obsessional desire that will move you to action. Repetition is the key; you must direct all your thoughts into that specific attainment of your definite purpose. You eat it, you breath it, you sleep with it, you talk about it, and if you have no one to talk about it then talk to yourself. Meditation is a good way to put your concentration at work, see yourself already in possession of everything that surrounds your major purpose, feel like you are living it and concentrate on all the smallest details. When you concentrate your mind on this definite purpose you must have complete faith in your abilities to acquire it. Faith is what will give power and action to the impulse of your thoughts. When you emotionalise every plan that you give to your conscious mind and repeat it with a state of enthusiasm and a spirit of faith it will act more rapidly and more positively on your subconscious mind. At first you probably won’t be able to see yourself in possession of it, but practice through repetition and you will soon see the huge difference.

5. Dream Big. Aim high, it’s better to not aim at all, or aim too low. You should not let the circumstances of life dictate your future; instead choose a definite purpose that is going to elevate you to greater heights. “Your only limitations are those you set up in your own mind, or permit others to set up for you.” — Og Mandino. Imagine a life with no worries or fears to pay the bills, a life where you own time, a life where you are totally free, a life of exponential abundance where you don’t have to worry about money anymore; it comes each and every month for a work that you completed once. We only have one life so let’s put the bar high and don’t settle for less than an extraordinary life. I am not suggesting that it is going to be easy, but it’s completely possible, and there are systems available for you and me to benefit from this way of living. You just have to decide that this is how you are going to live and nothing below that. Please make your dream life a masterpiece.

6. Cooperation. Cooperation is unavoidable on your way toward success. No one ever achieved considerable success without an act of cooperation between two or more people. The first step would be to influence people to work together in spirit of harmony toward your definite purpose, without using force, which is not the easiest task. They have to trust your abilities to manifest this vision into reality and you must show them the compensations that they will benefit them by working with you. It is important for you to make them picture how good will they feel achieving this common purpose. At this point, this is where all the previous habits become really crucial because you can’t successfully influence people if you don’t have enough faith and confidence in your definite purpose, which is reinforced by repeated concentration over it. Organise efforts and using the specific strengths of everyone is the best way to maximise your efficiency and save you time, for achieving your major purpose. This organise efforts will bring excitement and enthusiasm over this collective vision. What is more fun than be surrounded by people sharing the same dreams? This is way more exciting and powerful sharing experiences and achievements with people, and even more with people you love so use cooperation wisely and cherish theses precious moments.

7. Adversity. Adversity is a word really misunderstood in our society. This is usually perceived has something negative, something that people avoid, but this is essential for success, and living the life of your dreams. No one wins all the time and those who succeed don’t let adversity stop them, they persevere and view hardships as tests to build their strengths and character. You must perceive failure and adversity as temporary and see it as a learning. There is no such as failure until it has been accepted as a failure. Adversity puts you outside of your comfort zone and this is where all the magic is made. What is uncomfortable at first becomes comfortable and you get yourself closer and closer from what you want, and fears disappear. What is it to live uncomfortably for a couple years to live comfortably for the rest of your life? Be persistent and patient, because there is something beautiful behind adversity.

8. Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a strong feeling of excitement, of positive mind activities that gets you into motion. This emotion indicates the love for the thoughts that occupy your mind. You can’t stop yourself from sharing what goes into your mind, and you speak it with ease and conviction. It is also proves that you have pure faith in your definite purpose. You can’t be enthusiastic and fearful at the same time. You must develop this enthusiasm on everything that surrounds your purpose, because before convincing anyone to follow your vision you must first convince yourself. Practice your enthusiasm in your daily life, in every conversation, talk to yourself in the mirror, do whatever it takes, but assure you that no one is looking at you while you talk to yourself in the mirror.J It has never killed anyone to be too enthusiastic so start now to use it and see the difference in your life.

9. Budgeting time and money. We all have approximately 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of free time. You get to choose whatever you want to do in those 8 hours of free time. It’s the same with money you get to choose what you think it’s best to invest your money in. Where do you put your time or your money? If you want to live the life of your dreams you must be willing to sacrifice your time into putting your plan into action, into working on yourself. You must be willing to lower your expenses so you can accumulate money if you need it. All successes started with an accumulation of money. You must be really intelligent to not waste time or money in things that won’t bring you closer to your definite purpose. You have to see everything as an investment that is going to benefit you in pursuit of your dream life. It is really something to take seriously because your time on earth is precious, please spend it wisely.

10. Health. We were just talking about how to budget your time and money, if there is one thing that is essential for you in the course of your life is your health. A good health is going to give you the energy necessary to accomplish every task that you ask your body or mind to execute. A good mental and physical health is going to help you stay away from all diseases. You can have all the money in the world, all the time in the world, if you are sick this is worth nothing. You must maintain a good level of mental health by eliminating all presence of negative thoughts and replacing it by positive one. You must exercise your body to keep it stronger longer, and full of energy. You should drink amount of water and reserve a meal of only raw food, like veggies, nuts and lettuce everyday. Take care of your mind and body to help you enjoy your time on earth for a longer period of time.

11. Actions. Actions are what is going to bring your plans into material things, without them your definite purpose can’t be realised. An idea stays an idea if there is no execution. Act now and start living the life of your dreams, start executing the plans that are going to help you achieve your ultimate goal. There is no such thing as the perfect moment so take action now and this is going to lead you somewhere closer to your goal. If it’s not the right action then learn from it and move. Be persistent, patient, have deep faith in you and everything that you dreamed is going to happen. You can do it! I can assure you that this journey is all worth it. I hope you will take this decision to reach your dream life and act upon it.

I really hope I inspired you in some way to create the life of your dreams, like I have been four years ago. I can’t describe you how grateful I am to have made that decision of taking control of my life that day.

If you are reading this it means that you are living somewhere you have access to all the resources you need to succeed.

Everything is in your hands right now, and only you can’t stop yourself from living this extraordinary life, believe me your dream life really exists and it is waiting for you.

This is your duty to take possession of it!

We only have one life so let’s live it to the fullest.

Sincerely Christophe Guay