I’m sure everyone is very well aware of the fact that the majority of the NFL teams are taking a knee during the national anthem at the beginning of games in “protest.” They don’t have any real reason. They also seem to have forgotten what the meaning of the national anthem really is. So before I delve into what exactly the NFL teams seam to think they are protesting, allow me to give a brief history of the national anthem.

On September 14th, 1814, while being held captive on a British war vessel, Francis Scott Key had a fantastic view out of the ships window as Fort McHenry was being bombarded during the battle of Baltimore, during the war of 1812. After the attack had stopped, after all the great men had fought and laid down their lives to defend what they believed in, Francis could look out among the billowing clouds of smoke and still see, in all it’s (literally) holy glory The Star Spangled Banner, which inspired him to write the poem “Defense of Fort M’Henry.”

In that same year, after having been rescued, Francis gave the poem to his brother Judge Joseph H. Nicholson. Looking over the lyrics to the poem, Joseph realized that the words went perfectly in tune to the song “The Anacreontic Song,” written by John Stafford Smith, an English composer. The song was the official song of the Anacreontic Society, a gentlemen’s club for the musically inclined during the early 18th century. On September 17th, 1814, Joseph took the poem, along with the music to the Anacreontic song, to a journalist whom had it published. Shortly after spreading almost literally like a wildfire, a man named Thomas Carr printed both the lyrics and the sheet music together under the name “The Star Spangled Banner,” despite the respectful names for both song and lyric.

So, for laughs, lets say that the “Star Spangled Banner” has been around since September 20th, 1814… because that is the day that the song spread like wildfire, again almost literally. That means that for well over two hundred years, two hundred years…. go ahead, I’ll let it sink in. Got it? Good. For well over two hundred years, “The Star Spangled Banner” has been the United States national anthem. For over two hundred years, this song has brought hope to the people of this country.

So, now that we have had a brief history into “The Star Spangled Banner,” let’s talk about the NLF Teams decision to take a knee at the games. These stuck up, pretentious pricks think that just because they knee during the National Anthem, it’s sending a message to the president and maybe even the fans. Which, I guess it is. But not the message they hope to send, no. It’s sending the message saying the teams are ignorant, stuck up pigs who will do anything to keep their fans. And while doing this will keep their ignorant, self righteous stuck up piggy Democratic fans, I can promise those are the only fans they will keep.

So with my ranting and raving done, let me ask a favor of the people who actually read my blogs and posts. Until the players pull their heads out of their asses, and start treating the national anthem with the respect it deserves, don’t watch their games. Don’t buy their products. Don’t bet on their games. It’s not the president they are disrespecting, it’s a song that was born in love for this country that they are disrespecting. They say they do it out of respect for their country… maybe they should find out how to properly respect this country.

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